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How To Install Cylinder Heads on Small Block Ford 302 5.0 | GT40P Heads

Properly installed head with 70 ft. lbs. torque on all head bolts.

Here is How To Install Cylinder Heads on Small Block Ford 302 5.0 | GT40P Heads. This is one of the biggest steps in your 302 budget build. The cylinder head installation is a thorough process and there are steps you must take to ensure proper cylinder head alignment and torque specifications. Begin with a […]

Engine Cleanup & Tear Down

This is the short block after all parts and heads were removed.

My engine build will be more of a classic setup. I am removing all of the fuel injection parts and everything down to the short-block. I did not photograph this process but I did document the cleanup process. When I started with this engine it was filthy, greasy, and smelly. The existing parts had to […]

The Donor Roller 302 Small Block Ford Engine

This is a shot of the donor motor before I took it home. It came complete with all fuel injection parts.

This is where I will begin my journey to build a stout 302 small block Ford motor (engine) without breaking the bank but still using very high quality MADE IN USA parts. I am very strict when it comes to quality and function and like to only support U.S.A. manufacturers. This will be my most […]